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Welcome! At Raindrop Audio our love for music drives the search for a sound so real and naturally musical, it effortlessly draws you into the performance. You’ll find yourself totally immersed, eyes shut and feet tapping, savouring the sweet sound of music…

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New Products

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Analog Sources

ZYX MC Phono Cartridges

ZYX 4D MC Cartridge

It is a joy listening to a ZYX cartridge playing music. Wonderful, mesmerising music. The work of Hisayoshi Nakatsuka is highly respected and well known to be among the best sounding MC Phono Cartridges in the world.

“In my opinion, ZYX designer Hisayoshi Nakatsuka has easily met his design goals for the 4D-G cartridge. Never have I heard a cartridge sound so unstrained when unraveling complex musical passages. Even when many different instruments are all playing at once with each competing for attention, the 4D-G remains composed and delivers each instrument with unprecedented vividness and authenticity.” – Frank Alles, Stereotimes.

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Accessories, Analog Sources

Nagaoka phono cartridges and vinyl accessories

Nagaoka cartridges are well known to be affordable over-achievers. You won’t find any hype here, only substance. The new high performance Nagaoka MP-series cartridges incorporate the most up-to-date materials including the ultra-light weight Permalloy oscillator at the rear end of the cantilever and the very strong samarium cobalt permanent magnet mounted in the cartridge body. The cartridges of Nagaoka’s MP-line produce an equal sound reproduction in all frequency ranges from the super deep low tones to the crystal clear high notes, clearly accentuating and separating every detail, however small, of the musical instruments and voices of the artists. Nagaoka only makes MM cartridges, and is fully focused on making the best.


Nagaoka MP-500 Phono Cartridge

Nagaoka CL-152 Record Cleaner

Nagaoka CL-1000 Record Cleaner

Nagaoka CL-1000 Record Cleaner – Way better than any record brush! There is no better way to clean off the dust and light fingerprints on your records. Dust stick to records due to static, making them difficult to brush off; and brushing tend to generate even more static! The Nagaoka’s very soft and sticky rolling surface actually lift dirt not only from the record surface, but from the record grooves too. It is easily washable and can be used and re-used for many years to come. Your records will stay in tip-top condition longer, with much less wet cleaning required. “Analogue must-have! … this is one of the best HiFi accessories around, with an impressive value for money ratio.” – TNT-Audio.


Gradient Helsinki 1.5

Gradient Helsinki 1.5

The Gradient Helsinki 1.5 is a work of art; a brilliant effort by designer Jorma Salmi to literally sculpt the soundfield into a expansive and holographic experience.

“This unusual design from Gradient’s Jorma Salmi, with wave-guided tweeter, disc-mounted midrange, and side-firing dipole woofer, is intended to erase your listening room from the sound you hear. And it delivers the goods: Few other speakers can give you an equal sense of being transported to the performance venue. With the right setup, its spatial performance is at the top level attainable at any price.” – Editors Choice Award 2011, The Absolute Sound

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Tellurium Q

High-Fidelity-SlideWhen the engineering team at Tellurium Q (based in the UK) studied the factors impacting speaker cable performance, they realised that phase distortion is a key determinant of cable performance, and yet not addressed by current audio R&D. So they started designing from a blank slate, with a determined focus to combat phase distortion. The result is the first Tellurium cable – the Black – with ultra low phase distortion. The cable also has low capacitance and very high bandwidth but primarily it is the superbly low phase distortion that make these cables sound extraordinarily clear and natural. These high performance cables have won multiple awards in their very first year of launch!

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Boenicke Audiomanufacture SLS

Boenicke Audiomanufacture SLS speakers

The Audiomanufacture SLS by Boenicke Audio of Switzerland. These fantastic sounding and yet ultra slim speakers are the result of Sven Boenicke’s brilliant and original thinking. Carved out of solid wood with an intricate 2.5m transmission line within its svelte body, incorporating 5 drivers firing in 3 different directions, the SLS project an amazingly open soundstage that envelops you and energise the entire room.

“This loudspeaker is an instrument. It’s made for connoisseurs for which music is part of their lives…” – Marco Kolks, HÖRERLEBNIS High Fidelity Magazine

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DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033

Anti-Mode 8033

The award-winning DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033 is a fully automatic subwoofer EQ, designed with a clear goal – to unlock the true performance potential of your subwoofer.

“This has to be the best bang-for-the-buck tweak I have made in my system for a long time.” – Positive Feedback Online.

Advanced Anti-Mode™ technology eliminates the resonances of the subwoofer and the room by equalizing both amplitude and time domain responses using very accurate digital signal processing filter structures and anti-phasing technology. (read more…)


Guru QM60

The Guru QM60

Following the very successful QM10, the larger floorstanding QM60 takes a similarly unique approach to overcome room acoustic challenges, and further push performance limits on all fronts.

Like the QM10, the QM60 is very precisely tuned for close-wall placement. The specifications spells it out very clearly – the speaker is to be placed between 40 to 70cm, from the tweeter to the rear wall, toed-in. This precise positioning, coupled with designer Ingvar Ohman’s one-of-a-kind crossover which counters the detrimental effects of wall reflections, results in a sonic performance that is simply extraordinary.

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Digital Sources

Wyred4Sound DAC-2

The award-winning Wyred4Sound DAC-2

After being awarded 6moons.com’s Blue Moon Award 2011, Wyred4Sound’s DAC-2 has now been awarded The Absolute Sound magazine’s 2011 Editor’s Choice!

The DAC2 features the state-of-the-art ESS Reference (ES9018) 32-bit DAC chip coupled with a masterful implementation of discrete FET output stage, powered by a ultra-low noise power supply. This combination gives the DAC great resolution and a fluid, natural flow of dynamics that is truly compelling.

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