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ZYX MC Phono Cartridges

ZYX 4D MC Cartridge

It is a joy listening to a ZYX cartridge playing music. Wonderful, mesmerising music. The work of Hisayoshi Nakatsuka is highly respected and well known to be among the best sounding MC Phono Cartridges in the world.

“In my opinion, ZYX designer Hisayoshi Nakatsuka has easily met his design goals for the 4D-G cartridge. Never have I heard a cartridge sound so unstrained when unraveling complex musical passages. Even when many different instruments are all playing at once with each competing for attention, the 4D-G remains composed and delivers each instrument with unprecedented vividness and authenticity.” – Frank Alles, Stereotimes.

“If you want to hear one of the very best cartridges available today, you must audition the Zyx UNIverse [ZYX 4D].” – 10Audio

“In the right system, it [ZYX Airy3] is one of the most accurate and musical cartridges in our audio world today. Add in the low price for this very satisfying level of performance and the Airy 3x is a real winner that merits your serious consideration.” – 10Audio

”┬áThe ZYX Omega-S is indeed a stellar example of edge-of-the-art phono cartridge design and the results are phenomenal.” – Ray Seda, Dagogo

“…it’s clear that Natakusaya’s newest effort unquestionably advances the moving coil cartridge to a new level.” – Myles B. Astor, Positive Feedback

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