Boenicke Audiomanufacture SLS

Boenicke Audiomanufacture SLS speakers

The Audiomanufacture SLS by Boenicke Audio of Switzerland. These fantastic sounding and yet ultra slim speakers are the result of Sven Boenicke’s brilliant and original thinking. Carved out of solid wood with an intricate 2.5m transmission line within its svelte body, incorporating 5 drivers firing in 3 different directions, the SLS project an amazingly open soundstage that envelops you and energise the entire room.

“This loudspeaker is an instrument. It’s made for connoisseurs for which music is part of their lives…” – Marco Kolks, HÖRERLEBNIS High Fidelity Magazine

“I enjoyed my time with the SLS so much – and how it stimulated thoughts about what is realistic sound – that I’ve acquired the review pair.” – Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

Design Notes

  • The Audiomanufacture SLS is carved out of solid wood, because only solid wood can achieve the ultimate richness, naturalness and rightness of tone colours.
  • Hidden within the svelte cabinet is a complex 2.5 meter long transmission line. Even more remarkable is that it is achieved with absolutely no damping material, which makes it extremely efficient, tight and fast.
  • Depending on the room and the speaker’s placement therein, you can expect an astonishing, fullrange performance down to 30 Hz – yes, from a 10-cm wide speaker.
  • The new, flat midrange-tweeters are a true break-through in linearity – they can reproduce more than 6 octaves within +/- 2 dB with outstanding phase linearity.
  • The midrange-tweeters’ surface area of 60 cm2 is 6 times larger than the one of conventional tweeters, resulting in stress-free high power handling capabilities at a truly wide-band operation.
  • The treble’s off axis response is excellent – walk around and there is virtually no loss of detail.
  • Integration of the tweeters and the side-mounted wide-range driver is extremely well.The tweeters are purely 1st order filtered by an extremely high quality capacitor.
  • No high mass, high gloss, gold plated binding posts that might please the eye but surely hurt the sound. Instead you will find the Eichmann Cable Pods, the best-sounding of their genre, due to quite consistent low conducting mass technology and no unnecessary material transitions.
  • The SLS is designed to be bi-amped. The Audiomanufacture DSP Amp is a state-of-the-art powerhouse with an incredibly powerful DSP and excellent sound, all in a stylish package. Available with either 2 or 4 channels.
  • There are 4 factory-preset filter algorithms; pick the one that fits your needs best.