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Ayon Audio CD-2 & CD-1s

Ayon CD2

The new Ayon CD-2

Following Ayon’s multiple-award winning CD-1, Ayon has now launched the new
CD-1s and CD-2! Not only does the new models improve upon the trademark highly analog yet superbly detailed, and wonderfully engaging sound, they now also feature digital inputs which makes them excellent vacuum-tube based DAC’s as well! Further, the inclusion of remote-controlled volume means you have the flexibility of running them direct into power amps! As with all Ayon creations, they are beautifully crafted in Austria,with top-notch build quality and finishing.

Ayon CD-2

With the new CD-2 Ayon Audio has achieved significant improvement over the already award-winning CD-1. It’s new DAC stage features twin Burr Brown 1704 DACs – considered by many to be the best DAC ever made, the BB1704 is a true Multi-bit DAC and not a Delta-Sigma variant, and is found only in the best CD players. The output stage is pure Class A, fully balanced and now comprises of 4 x 6H30 “Super Tubes”.

A simple click on the remote control and the CD-2 transforms into a DAC with twin BB1704 DAC and fully balanced Class A tube output stage. In-built remote controlled volume means the CD-2 can also be connected directly to a power amp. The CD-2 is a very versatile digital source indeed.

CD-2 Features:

  • Full-featured true balanced Top Loader CD-Player
  • Real Class-A triode vacuum-tube output stage for single-ended & balanced operation
  • 4 x 6H30 triodes “super tube” russian
  • High quality teflon tube sockets with gold pins
  • Purist design and shortest possible analog signal paths
  • Gold industrial PCB
  • Warm up function – extends tube life time
  • Burr Brown D/A converter (twin Burr Brown 1704)
  • Upsampling 24bit/192kHz (NPC SM 5847) and on/off switchable
  • Modified suspension system to isolate the CD-transport from mechanical vibrations
  • Anti-vibration magnetic integral CD-clamp system combined with dark acrylic CD-cover
  • High selected, fine quality passive components used in all applications
  • 10 separate voltage regulators
  • MOS-FET’s for tube anode-voltage regulation
  • Superior capacitors (MKP 2%)
  • 2 separate noiseless R-core power transformer for digital & analog
  • Separate analog output stage for left and right channel
  • Digital input – S/PDIF (RCA)
  • Digital output – S/PDIF (RCA) & AES/EBU (XLR)
  • Fully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
  • Beautifully crafted high grade aluminium-brushed and anodized chassis
  • Backlit function buttons
  • Front panel description – is engraved
  • Display dimmer & mute function
  • Variable output volume level control
  • Heavy duty RCA gold-plated output jacks
  • Absorber aluminium feet with superior damping characteristics
  • Aluminium remote control ( brushed & anodized )
  • Made in Austria

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s website. For CD-1s please click here.