Wyred4Sound mono and stereo amplifiers

The new Wyred4Sound monoblock amp

The new Wyred4Sound monoblock amplifier

The new Wyred4Sound ICEpower monoblocks and stereo amplifiers are now on demo!

Resolution in the treble is much better than other ICEpower amplifiers that I have heard.” – “Dynamic impact can be startling.” – “… I never get tired of listening to the Wyred 4 Sound ST-1000 stereo amplifier. Every other solid state amplifier under (US)$10,000 has driven me away over a period from one evening to several months by their offenses.” – “It is an extremely high-value amplifier. You got a LOT of performance for your money…” – Review by Jerry on 10audio.com

The Wyred4Sound SX-1000 has won 6moons’ Realsization Award! …where the D class strikes gold is in overall smoothness, neutral tonal balance, low noise and resolution of low-level information. The SX-1000 monos have all that in spades – plus excellent dynamics, transient response and the ability to play loud without compression. Considering what you get for the price, these amps are a terrific value and for me, epitomize what our Realsization Award is about. Definitely one of the most impressive audio bargains around.” – Review with Realsization Award by Paul Candy of 6moons.

“Make no mistake; this is no intermediate amplifier. This is not an amplifier to buy while you’re saving to buy something better at some time in the future.” – “… the Wyred 4 Sound ST 500 comes too damned close to the best out there at a price way too reasonable to be ignored.” – Review by John Potis, Positive Feedback Online.

“… I am VERY impressed.  Bass is thunderous and controlled.  Highs sparkle with no fatigue and the noise floor is NON-EXISTANT.  …  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!” – Comment by Dan Wright

“… I was blown away, these amps sound incredible.” – “… They are absolutely STUNNING!” – “… I’m astounded.” – Owners’ feedback on the new monoblocks

“It’s certainly the smoothest, sweetest ICEpower amp I have heard.” – Owner’s review

More information is available on the manufacturer’s website.